Medical Transcription

We provide transcription services with 98% quality and adhere to TAT (turn around time) set by our clients. We also provide tailor-made solution as well as stat. TAT to our clients.  The team at Alliance follows comprehensive quality assurance programs which lead to accurate and complete medical transcripts.

We provide specialized Medical Transcription Services generating Operative Reports, History and Physical Reports, Discharge Summary / Clinical Notes, Progress / SOAP / Consultation Notes, QME reports and disposition reports as well as Medico-legal Reports

Alliance Transcription is a leading provider of medical transcription and medico-legal transcription services to US based clinics/physicians.

Medico-legal Transcription

The continuous and increasing demands from the personal injury compensation and workers’ compensation injury industry have resulted in the expansion of insurance and legal industry which has contributed to the growth of medico-legal transcription services.

At Alliance we have a team of dedicated transcriptionist who are professionally trained and experienced to transcribe all types of documents for medico-legal practitioners. We provide as little as 24-48 hour turnaround or even shorter if required. Dictation flexibility is also available to use phone-in dictation and/or digital voice recorder.