About Us

Alliance is established by ITES experts having experience over a decade. Over last 9 years, we have been offering highest level of medical & medico-legal transcription services.

Alliance Transcription is a leading provider of medical transcription and medico-legal transcription services to US based clinics/physicians.

  • Exceptional Service Standards
  • Robust Secure yet Simple Technology
  • Significantly Cost Effective
  • Tailored solution to fit your needs
  • Can accommodate overflow transcription work also
  • We provide 24/7, 365 days a year operation for real time processing of Medical Transcripts (4 to 24 hours Turn Around Time) covering all Medical Specialties and Report types
  • Trained staff in Medical Terminology as per AAMT Guidelines
  • Rigorous compliance of HIPAA processes for maintaining confidentiality and security of the Patient / Physician data

In the course of time you will be able to find the fact that, when it comes to providing an end-to-end reliable and secure solution for transcription and health information management services, Alliance is unparalleled.

Dictation Options

  • Dictation flexibility
  • Digital Voice recorder
  • Toll-free dial in number

With our system, physicians have complete dictation flexibility through a variety of input methods that suit their practice and convenience. Choose to dictate through our toll-free phone number or take advantage of a portable digital recorder when you are on the go.

Security compliance:

As a provider of services to the US and Canada Healthcare Industry, Alliance Transcription is totally committed to comply and adhere with the various regulatory governing bodies (HIPAA / PHIPA / NHS) pertaining to handling of patient information.

As a business associate of entities covered under HIPAA / PHIPA / NHS, Alliance Transcription has introduced detailed procedural guidelines to govern the transmission, processing and storage of confidential information, to ensure that it is used and disclosed in accordance with these rules and regulations.

We provide HIPAA compliance requirements like limiting access to the application by User ID and password, role-based access, context-based access, user-based access, and auto log off from the application if no activity is performed for a certain time.

We also understand the fact that the HIPAA regulations have still not been finalized and are subject to amend. Our principle is to make all reasonable efforts to be knowledgeable and responsive towards HIPAA regulations.

Pricing Policy

Industry best rates. We believe in selling our services for reasonable rates unlike the other competitors we do not claim of low rates and finally land up in hidden charges.


  • Secure and Password protected storage of PHI on workstations
  • Internet connectivity from two reliable ISPs
  • An uninterrupted Power Supply and a backup power generator
  • Well designed interiors with excellent ambiance